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common problem
1. Points redemption way
2. Prize mailing cycle
3. Can I redeem my room on holiday?
4. What are the points rules for member bookings?
5. What is the valid date of JourneyNet Points?
6. How can I check my points?
7. Can multiple loyalty card points be accumulated?
8. How is the number of points redeemed for prizes deducted?
9. What should I do if my membership card is lost?
10. Points Rule
11. Points deduction rules?
12. How is the number of points redeemed for prizes deducted?
13. How to redeem (object) prizes?
14. How to redeem hotel free room?
15. How do I redeem a ticket?
16. How to cash out tourist routes?
17. What should I pay attention to when redeeming prizes?
18. How long can I receive the prize after applying for the prize?
19. Can I return the prizes that have been mailed?
All prizes 9999 points and below 10000-24999 points 25000-49999 minutes 50000 points and above
Prizes of 9999 points and below
2GB USB flash drive
8000 points needed
Multifunction calculator
9000 points needed
Dream Travel (Chinese roll ...
5,000 points needed
USB Optical Notebook ...
8000 points needed
China Mobile 50 yuan mobile phone ...
分 Need 6000 points
hair dryer
9000 points needed
Prizes of 10,000-24,999 points
China Mobile 100 yuan hand ...
12000 points needed
4G USB flash drive
12000 points needed
China Mobile 200 yuan hand ...
24000 points needed
Multimedia speakers
19000 points needed
USB standard keyboard
16,000 points needed
Electronic dictionary true sound ...
23000 points needed
USB camera
16,000 points needed
Kaspersky is fully functional ...
18,000 points needed
8G USB flash drive
23000 points needed
Ping pong paddle
20,000 points needed
25,000-49999 points of prizes
Netless Soymilk FB-DB ...
26,000 points needed
Swiss Army Knife Standard Series ...
分 Requires 43800 points
Rechargeable waterproof electric shave ...
30,000 points needed
2-3 person camping tent
25,000 points needed
2G MP4 player
48000 points needed
Casio means ...
36,000 points needed
Apple (APPLE) iP ...
48000 points needed
50,000 points and above
GPS navigator
100,000 points needed
Nokia (NOKIA) ...
150,000 points needed
Apple (APPLE) iP ...
150,000 points needed
Samsung (SAMSUNG) ...
120000 points needed
Apple (APPLE) iP ...
220,000 points needed
Hewlett-Packard (hp) HP MI ...
分 Points needed 300000 points
Meizu M8 ...
230,000 points needed