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Novotel Chongqing: Novotel Chongqing hotel reservation, Novotel Hotel belongs to French Accor Hotel Group, Novotel Hotel Group has 4,000 hotels in the world, from economy to luxury, according to the needs of each guest Provide thoughtful service. The spirit of Accor is a comprehensive art. It combines historical tradition and modern innovation, and adds tolerance, discipline, imagination and enthusiasm. Novotel Chongqing Hotel reservations can enjoy a discount of 2 to 60% for members.
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Novotel Chongqing Hotel-Novotel Chongqing
No. 2 Ziwei First Road, Heishan Town
Address: North Gate of Heigu Valley, No. 2 Ziwei First Road, Heishan Town
Room type [ All room types ... ] breakfast Retail Price Thursday Friday on Saturday Booking
The rooms are clean, spacious and bright, with a sanitary environment and high cost performance.
Address: 2nd Building, Haitangxi Athens, Nan'an District, Chongqing
Room type [ All room types ... ] breakfast Retail Price Thursday Friday on Saturday Booking
Located in Hechuan Commercial Center, RT-Mart Hairun International Business District, convenient transportation, convenient for downstairs eating, drinking, shopping, and one-stop shopping.
Address: 3rd Building, No. 11, Zaojiayuan Street, Zhaojia Hairun International-Phase I, 50 meters southeast of the intersection of Gongyuan Road and Jiaotong Street, Hechuan District, Chongqing
Room type [ All room types ... ] breakfast Retail Price Thursday Friday on Saturday Booking

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