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Green Tree Inn Yichun Bus Terminal Opened

Release date: 5/11/2019 Source: Journey Booking
Core tip: GreenTree Inn Yichun Bus Terminal opened
Yichun is located in the northwestern part of Jiangxi Province and is an important member of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Since ancient times, Yichun City has been named as it is, and the climate of the four seasons is suitable. It feels like spring and has been favored by tourists. Han Yu once praised the prosperity of Yichun with "Mo Yichun far, rivers and mountains win more tours". When you come to Yichun to visit the mountains and rivers, the choice of hotel is also important. The GreenTree Inn Yichun Development Zone Bus Terminal Express Hotel, which opened on April 24, will be a good choice. The hotel is beautifully designed and steps into the lobby. The design of the guest rooms in the hotel is also very warm. The clean and tidy environment is matched with comfortable furniture and beds, so that tired travelers can take a good rest and enjoy the beauty of the trip. In addition, the hotel's buffet breakfast, self-service laundry room, free parking facilities and other convenient facilities are readily available. The intimate setting saves guests all the troubles and is a good choice for business trips and leisure holidays.

The hotel is located in Yichun Avenue, Yuanzhou District, and is located in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone. The surrounding facilities are complete and travel is very convenient. The hotel is near the Yichun Bus Terminal. Passengers who come by tour bus to the hotel can unload their luggage and start the journey. There are also many scenic spots around the hotel. It only takes 27 minutes by car to reach the wonderful scenery of Zikejiang. It takes less than 40 minutes by car to enjoy Wentang Hot Spring with excellent healing and health effects.

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